June Family & Community Letter (6/24/21)

June 24, 2021

Dear CCSD Families and Community Members:

As summer has arrived in full force, the CCSD maintenance department has been busy making improvements to our buildings.  Our maintenance staff has focused their work at the beginning of the summer on outside maintenance projects, upgrading two CCSD modular buildings on the CEMS campus.  The modular at the top of the CEMS campus is being prepared for its transition to our community’s Craig Head Start building. Damaged siding was replaced, new fire exit stairs installed, and a new fire exit door was installed. Also, new skirting has been installed and outside lighting has been upgraded.  The modular building closest to CMS will have damaged siding replaced, it will have new skirting installed and will be leveled. CHS is also getting a new coat of stain to protect the building’s siding and increase its longevity and all district grounds are being maintained during the summer growing season. As the summer progresses the maintenance department will focus on specific inside improvements to each building readying the buildings for the new school year.  School maintenance is such a critical part of district operations and ultimately ensures the safety and educational growth for all our students.  I can’t thank our maintenance department enough for their efforts and commitment to our students.

As stated in the previous paragraph, CCSD is preparing to welcome Craig Head Start on the CEMS campus for the 2021-22 school year.  The district and Tlingit Haida Central Council have agreed to a three-year lease of the modular building at the top of the CEMS campus for the Craig Head Start program beginning in August.  Craig Head Start students will have access to the CES cafeteria, CMS gym, and CES playground to support our Head Start students’ development.  Furthermore, with Craig Head Start on the same campus as our elementary school, CCSD and Craig Head Start will be able to align our instructional services, ultimately improving the educational context for our youngest learners.

Finally, CCSD continues to advertise our PACE homeschool program on Facebook and YouTube targeting Southeast Alaska, Anchorage, and the Mat-Su Borough.  During the past school year, PACE substantially increased its collaboration with schools across the state providing dual-enrollment opportunities for students in Anchorage, Mat-Su, and SE communities who wanted to take advantage of some of the curricular opportunities offered at their local community school while also taking advantage of the flexibility and curricular options available through our homeschool program, PACE.  Locally, we experienced substantial growth during the previous school year in the number of our POW families who wanted to take advantage of some of the specific courses offered in our brick-and-mortar schools while also utilizing the curricula options and flexibility our PACE homeschool program provides.  CCSD is steadfastly focused on the goal of improving our homeschool/correspondence model so that more families within the state are aware of the curricula options and scheduling flexibility PACE provides families. CCSD wants to support our PACE families across the state and guarantee that they have as many options as possible to develop a Student Learning Plan (SLP) that meets the individual needs and interests of their child(ren).   

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the phone number listed above or the email address below if I can provide additional information about any of the items noted in this letter or any other district initiative.  Enjoy your summer!


Chris Reitan, CCSD Superintendent                                                             

Email: creitan@craigschools.com