May Family & Community Letter (5/27/20)

May 27, 2020


Dear CCSD Families and Community Members:

CCSD thanks each of our families for the adjustments you made to help the district create the best learning context possible for your student(s) during our distance education model.  As I have previously stated, our model wasn’t perfect, but I do know that everyone did their best to make it as “perfect as possible.” As we complete the 2019-2020 school year, I know a lot of us are thinking about what next school year might look like, and each of us are hoping for a return to normalcy, especially as it relates to school operations.  As of the writing of this letter, CCSD is unsure of what next school year will look like.  However, we our sure that our school start will be dependent on how we on POW and the rest of the state continue to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and how each community responds to the local, state, national, and industry guidelines to conduct business and activities safely.  In preparation for next school year, CCSD is taking additional precautions to provide the safest learning and work environment possible.  CCSD is ordering extra masks, gloves, and sanitizing devices for each of our buildings to help minimize the spread of the virus amongst our students, families, and staff members.  As guidance becomes available from the state about the start of our new school year, CCSD will share this information immediately with our families. 

Furthermore, the district appreciates the feedback we received from our CCSD Distance Delivery Parent Survey May 2020.  CCSD received 45 out of 143 possible responses for a 31.4% return rate.   Results from the survey can be reviewed at the following link  Overall, the responses were very positive about how CCSD supported our families through our distance education model, with some very specific recommendations about how we could improve our services if we find ourselves in similar circumstances in the future.  Thank you for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback.  Your feedback verified some of the complications we predicted we might encounter given the limitations of our model, and also provided information about areas we hadn’t considered.  Furthermore, even though the majority of our parents rated the district’s communication with families as “Outstanding” or “Effective,” our communication model didn’t work well for all families.  Communication is a critical area for any organization and your feedback will support our efforts to ensure all of our families are receiving the information they need to best support their student’s academic growth in a way that is most helpful for their communication styles.  CCSD staff members will also be reviewing and analyzing the results of our survey to support our efforts to improve our service model for each family we are privileged to serve.  

Finally, I’m sure many of you have seen some of our PACE Facebook advertisements.  CCSD has developed a Facebook and YouTube social media advertising campaign targeting Southeast Alaska, Anchorage, and the Mat-Su Borough.  Our goal is to increase our homeschool/correspondence service model so that more families within the state can take advantage of the curricula options and scheduling flexibility PACE provides families to ensure the strongest student learning plan possible.  Another goal is that PACE becomes the #1 option for families within Alaska who are considering a homeschool/correspondence option for their child(ren).   

Enjoy the last week of May and thank you for allowing CCSD to work with your student(s) during the 2019-2020 school year.  As always, if there is additional information that I can provide about any of the items noted in this communication or any other district initiative, please contact me at the email address below or the phone number above.


Chris Reitan, CCSD Superintendent                                                           


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