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AP&T & CCSD - Helping Students Stay Connected

If you don't have internet at home for your student, AP&T & CCSD would like to help make that possible. While we are not able to offer completely free service, there is a program available to provide assistance in the form of a $70 monthly discount. CCSD would like to limit this offer to families that would otherwise not have internet. For everyone else, stay tuned.
If interested, here is the process.
1) Contact AP&T and set up service.
2) Once you have an account, contact CCSD and let us know your account phone number on record with AP&T.
We will then add you to a list we share with AP&T and they will add the discount to your bill. To be eligible you must sign up for a service equal to or greater than $70 per month, you are responsible for the remainder after discount. Full details are attached.
AP&T & CCSD Helping Students Stay Connected