Parent & Community Letters

  • June Parent & Community Letter (6/18/19)

    June Parent & Community Letter (6/18/19)

    As we prepare for the upcoming school year, CCSD is pleased to introduce the following new teachers to the island. Please welcome our new teachers as they transition into our community during the summer months.

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  • June Parent & Community Letter (6/6/19)

    June Parent & Community Letter (6/6/19)

    The 2018-19 school year is in the history books. The exceptional foundation that has been
    established within Craig City School District is a testament to our strong island-wide community,
    the quality of our families and students, and the quality of our staff members.

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  • CCSD Student and Parent Math Survey Result Letter (5/24/19)

    CCSD Student and Parent Math Survey Result Letter (5/24/19)

    During the month of March, CCSD surveyed our parents and our middle and high school students about the district’s k-12 math program.

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  • May Parent & Community Letter (5/16/19)

    May Parent & Community Letter (5/16/19)

    The end of the 2018-19 school year is just a few short weeks away and we are gearing up for the last day for our
    students on Wednesday, June 5. May is an important time of year because it provides an excellent opportunity to
    celebrate our students’ academic and extra-curricular achievements and to begin solidifying our plans for next
    school year.

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  • May Parent & Community Letter (5/3/19)

    May Parent & Community Letter (5/3/19)

    On April 18 CCSD hosted a Parent Focus Group meeting. During this meeting, parents were asked to provide feedback to the district about three key questions:
    • What is the perception of CCSD communication with our stakeholder groups, and how might CCSD do a better job disseminating information?
    • What are some areas of concern that parents might have about CCSD programs, operations, and/or policies and what might be some ways CCSD might consider addressing these concerns?
    • What are some areas of improvement that parents are noticing within CCSD?

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  • April Parent & Community Letter (4/16/19)

    April Parent & Community Letter (4/16/19)

    We are halfway through April and the end of the school year is coming into greater focus. As April brings longer days and more activities outside, it also focuses CCSD’s attention on statewide testing, facilities planning, and our instructional support service model for the 2019-2020 year.

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  • March Parent & Community Letter (3/6/19)

    March Parent & Community Letter (3/6/19)

    The school year keeps rolling along and it is difficult to believe we are already in the month of March. This time of year is always a special time because our students are presented with an abundance of opportunities to highlight their learning and to expand their educational horizons.

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  • February Parent & Community Letter (2/7/19)

    February Parent & Community Letter (2/7/19)

    February is here and the days are getting noticeably longer. February is an exceptionally busy month for academic competitions. CCSD students are actively preparing for Academic Decathlon and Battle of the Books competitions which take place later this month.

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  • January Parent & Community Letter (1/12/19)

    January Parent & Community Letter (1/12/19)

    Welcome to a new calendar year. It is difficult to believe that we are almost at the halfway mark of our school year. Thursday, January 17, 2019 marks the end of the first semester. There will be no school on Friday, January 18, 2019 for our teacher work day.

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  • December Parent & Community Letter (12/11/18)

    December Parent & Community Letter (12/11/18)

    The winter holiday break is almost upon us. CCSD thanks all of our families for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you in the development of the best educational program for your child(ren).

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  • November Parent & Community Letter (11/12/18)

    November Parent & Community Letter (11/12/18)

    Thanksgiving is ten days away, and we are well into our second quarter of the school year. I'd like to take this opportunity to update our stakeholders on a couple of major district initiatives.

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  • October Parent & Community Letter (10/25/18)

    October Parent & Community Letter (10/25/18)

    October is a really important month for school districts across the state of Alaska as it is the foundational period for determining each school district’s state funding for the school year. The student count period this year runs from October 1 to October 26. As our enrollment currently stands, CCSD is anticipating a higher student enrollment compared to last year.

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  • September Parent & Community Letter (9/25/18)

    September Parent & Community Letter (9/25/18)

    As CCSD is coming close to wrapping up the first month of school, I want to ensure our parents and community
    members are aware of some of the projects CCSD is involved with to improve our students’ educational

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  • PEAKS Student Report Letter (9/10/18)

    PEAKS Student Report Letter (9/10/18)

    Included with this letter is your student's PEAKs assessment results from last spring's testing period.

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  • Community Letter - PEAKS Assessments (9/4/18)

    Community Letter - PEAKS Assessments (9/4/18)

    On September 5, tomorrow, the state will release the "official" assessment results from last spring's PEAKs testing. The official release will provide more in-depth information about how each district and school within our state performed on the PEAKs Math, English/Language Arts, and Science assessments.

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  • August Parent & Community Letter (8/28/18)

    August Parent & Community Letter (8/28/18)

    We are just one day away from the start of school (August 29, 2018) and the Craig City School District (CCSD)
    couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new and returning students and families back for another amazing school year.

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