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Principal Harris

Greetings from David Harris, Principal Craig Elementary / Middle School,

As we begin the 2023 – 2024 CCSD school year, excitement is in the air and expectations are high! It’s been a wonderful summer, often times seeing students and parents out and about! I hope everyone was able to visit with those who we hold dear during our splendid summer months. Craig Elementary & Middle School welcomes back all our returning students and we issue a warm Panther welcome to those who are new to our schools! Just a reminder, my office is open to parents and guardians during the school year. I am never too busy to chat with anyone who needs my input or response to anything regarding our students, your children.

A few housekeeping items:

  • Cell Phones – As parents, we all want to be able to reach out and contact our students at a moment’s notice. The potential distraction caused with access to social media platforms, phone calls and text with no real positive value is reason enough to enforce the CCSD Cell Phone Policy. In short, the policy requires students to turn off and stow their phones. The location of the administrative office is very close to all classrooms. Messages can be relayed to students in short order if a parent or guardian needs to contact their student. Parents, please have a discussion with your student in regards to responsible cell phone possession.

  • Dress Code – Hats and hoods on hoodies cannot be worn. Inappropriate shirt / blouse designs are prohibited.

I am looking forward to meeting students and parents as we begin the school year. Thank you for taking the time to read this introductory message and thanks for being part of the upcoming school year. Go Panthers!

David Harris
Craig Elementary / Middle School Principal
(work) 907-826-3274
(cell) 907-401-1477



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