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Principal Harris

It is an honor to introduce myself as the new Craig School District Elementary/Middle School Principal. I am joining an experienced staff and a wonderful community committed to the continued education of our students. I hope the Summer of 2022 has provided ample opportunity for families to enjoy each other, as well as experience the vast opportunities which this corner of the world offers.

As I begin my 11th year in Alaska, I can truly feel the opportunity of assisting in providing a world-class educational experience for your students. Your previous principal has laid out an excellent productive educational model which we can build on with hard work and determination. As a leader, I am always seeking parent, student and staff input in order to accomplish our annual goals. My belief in shared decision making is dependent upon communication. My office is one of openness and I encourage those dedicated to the development of our students, into world-class citizens, to join my staff and myself in this journey. I am dedicated to preserving Cultural and Alaska Educational standards within our classrooms. I can be reached at the school, 907-826-3274 ext. 3002 or my cell 907-401-1477.

After accepting the position of principal with the Craig School District, I have been inundated with nothing but positive comments from friends and associates about what an outstanding opportunity lies before me. Prince of Wales Island is truly a gem within the State of Alaska. The staff, both certified and classified, are first class in nature. Our buildings and supporting structures are well maintained and safe for our students. Involvement from the community is extremely helpful and appreciated. Please become familiar with the Craig Elementary & Middle School Student Handbook which can aid in understanding school policy. PowerSchool is also available to parents wishing to keep an up-to-date understanding of attendance and grades for their students. Links to both can be found on our website,

I am looking forward to meeting students and parents as we begin the school year. Thank you for taking the time to read this introductory message and thanks for being part of the upcoming school year.

Go Panthers!


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