Curriculum Work

  • If you would submit your comments to Superintendent Chris Reitan at using the following procedure, it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to submit as many comments as you would like. All feedback will be considered. Thank you! 


    Feedback Format:


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    2) School affiliation(s), such as parent, teacher, student, etc.


    3) Curriculum being addressed, such as science, social studies, math, etc.


    4) Course or grade level being addressed.


    5) Specific area of course or grade level.


    6) Comments or suggestions.


    Please click on each link below:


    Science Curriculum



    Updated May 2016

    Social Studies Curriculum


    Social Studies

    Revised Sept. 2017

    World Languages Curriculum


    World Languages

    Revised May 2017

    Mathematics Curriculum



    Updated April 2017

    Arts Curriculum



    Adopted August 2018