• High school students may have limited work experience but are needing to write a resume for college, vocational school, scholarships or employment opportunities. It can be hard to know how to organize a resume and what to include. Focusing on education, extracurricular experiences and volunteering can help build a well-rounded resume.


    Areas to include in your resume:


    Education: As a current student, you want to make sure to include your education. Include your GPA (Grade Point Average), academic awards, honors or other achievements.


    Volunteer and extracurriculars: Emphasize activities outside of academics such as volunteer opportunities/hours, clubs, sports or participation in other organizations.


    Leadership: Highlighting leadership experience is important! If you were selected as a captain for a sports team, or held a position on student council, make sure to list them!


    Skills: In many classes you have gathered important, useful skills that should be emphasized. You may list things like computer skills, foreign language skills or any “soft skills” you have (self-motivated, dependability, etc.).



    After writing your resume make sure you ask someone to proofread it for you. You do not want to submit a resume with typos, grammar issues or have a format that is difficult to follow.



    I have included a resume template to provide guidance. Feel free to use this or, find your own that matches your personality!



    Resume Template