Board Goals

  • Increase student and public involvement in school governance by communicating directly with our stakeholders through social media.


    •  Establish a Board Facebook presence.


    Refine the filing system for governance documents that allows the work of the Board to be recorded, archived, and used by future Boards, including the consideration of electronic filing and document management systems. 


    • Evaluate electronic Board packet and archive systems.


    Support organizational excellence through a defined and personalized professional development plan that supports individual evaluation goals.  


    • Establish a broad-based committee to develop a 5-year schedule of professional development activities.


    Establish a 10-year financial stability plan in recognition of the potential for significant drop in state funding over that time period. 


    • Include long-term financial planning in Strategic Plan process. 
    • Explore facilities consolidation.
    • Explore staff composition changes and retirement incentives.