Developmental Guidance

  • The Craig Comprehensive Counseling Program utilizes the Second Step Guidance Curriculum which is intended for students in grades kindergarten into middle-school.  The curriculum is divided into three parts: empathy training, impulse control and anger management.  Empathy training teaches students about recognizing feelings, how they change and strategies to manage them.  Impulse control focuses on teaching students how to control impulsive behaviors that at times, can be problematic in the classroom.  Finally, anger management teaches students ways of calming down and appropriate strategies on how to identify angry feelings before they become a problem.


    Other developmental guidance topics your counselor may teach depending on students' grade-level include:


    Suicide Awareness


    Drug/Alcohol Awareness


    Peer Pressure




    Empathy Skills


    Impulse Control


    Coping with Stress


    Managing Anger


    Good Touch/Bad Touch


    Study Skills


    Conflict Resolution


    Making Healthy Choices


    Bullying Awareness






    Accepting Diversity




    Career Awareness