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Our Vision and Mission Statements


    Vision: Our students will be compassionate, resilient, self-sufficient, engaged members of their community.



    Mission Statement: CCSD will establish a community of learning that empowers the whole child to embrace life-long learning and a growth mindset.



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CCSD Believes...


    All students can succeed.


    Every student deserves an advocate. 


    It is essential to incorporate and respect cultural diversity.


    In the balance of educational rights and responsibilities for all.


    A unified staff, community, and board are essential for students’ achievement.


    Every student deserves the opportunity to receive the highest quality education through providing worthwhile learning opportunities.


    We should offer several pathways to achieve post-secondary options.


    Community and family involvement is vital to the success of all students.


    It is important to incorporate local traditional knowledge.

Remote Learning Links

  • CCSD uses a variety of tools and online curriculum to deliver content to students whether in session or remote.


    PowerSchool is where you can find info about your student's classes and grades. Let us know if you need help logging in.


    Clever is a portal to nearly all the programs used in your student's classroom and remembers their login info for them. Student devices should all have the blue "C" logo for Clever in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome browser.


    Canvas is the Learning Management System primarily used by CMS & CHS to deliver more detailed instruction if / when we have to transition to remote learning.


           CCSD PowerSchool Login   Link to CCSD Clever      Link to CCSD Canvas

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